I'm #hapi

On-chain cybersecurity protocol with trustless Oracles preventing hacker attacks.

U'LL BE #hapi

Data +
Machine Learning +
Oracle +
First security oracle

Cross-chain solution that suits most popular blockchains
Real-time publicly available info from Data Providers elected by DAO
Oraclizing and DAO system creates a revolutionary SaaS for the DeFi environment
New security standard for all blockchain industry players

CEXs protected from accepting stolen funds

If connected to HAPI, any CEX like Coinbase or Binance will be warned in case stolen funds are deposited on their platform. An exchange will be able to block those funds until the situation is resolved.

DEXs cut back on suspicious addresses

With the HAPI smart contract and the Oracle DEXs like Uniswap, Sushiswap will be able to identify suspicious wallet addresses and reject any transaction request to prevent money laundering.

Crypto traders warned on high-risk coin

With a decentralized security audit database DEXs and CEXs can access info on whether the specific smart contract has undergone security audit. If not audited, the crypto exchange can notify the trader on possible risks or even impose a limit for buy/sell order amount, or restrict any operations with such high-risk tokens.
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I’m HAPI. I’m designed for the community to fight hackers

Elaborated by Dona Mara, the white hat hacker
Supported by Hacken Foundation

U'Ll BE #Hapi